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All Service Dog Express trainers have a wide range of various experience & knowledge working with dogs and with their clients requested needs. Click on the location below to see the trainer(s) in that area.

San Antonio, TX (3)

Beverli Short BioSan Antonio Trainer: Beverli has a background in physical and massage therapy and finds Service Dog training the perfect way to blend her desire to help dogs and humans work together for a greater quality of life. She believes in encouraging and empowering those with physical or emotional scars to work through them and to welcome a four-legged counselor and friend into their lives. Service Dog Express - Read More

rescue trainerSan Antonio Trainer: Cherry began her love of dogs as a young child, walking four miles to the local shelter just to help and train every Sunday. She has raised two mentally challenged children and knows only too well what is involved with the care and support needed for people with emotional needs. Service Dog Express - Read More

LawrenceSan Antonio Trainer: Lawrence is an USAF veteran.  He has been training dogs since 1989 and most recently a Mine Detection Dog Technical Advisor in Afghanistan for the U.S. State Department. He has trained, evaluated and certified dogs and handlers for a wide range of uses and needs. Lawrence, a stroke survivor, suffers from PTSD and diabetes. Service Dog Express - Read More

West Texas – Amarillo, Lubbock (2)

Lubbock, Amarillo, Midland, Odessa, Clovis, NM, Hobbs, NMAmarillo/Lubbock, TX Trainer: Raylee enjoys being around huge dogs who think they belong in your lap. She studied Kinesiology and has a nursing background,  She also received her Bachelor’s degree in Canine Studies from Bergin University.Service Dog Express - Read More

PTSD, Mobility, West Texas, Lubbock, Texas TechLubbock, TX Trainer: Hannah started on her journey in canine health and obedience in 2020.  She has a passion for fostering and training dogs. She currently cares for three special needs dogs. She is also pursuing certifications and a doctorate in Occupational Therapy, and aims to empower Service Dog teams to achieve day-to-day goals and contribute to the well-being of individuals.Service Dog Express - Read More

Austin, TX (1)

San Antonio, TexasAustin/San Antonio Trainer: Claire traveled the world as an Air Force Brat.  She has a degree in Business Mgmt.  She is also a graduate of the Animal Behavioral College and is taking courses in Pet Nutrition.  All her life, Claire has been a dog lover. She has a clear understanding of how a Service Dog can impact a person’s life and give them an overall better quality of life. Service Dog Express - Read More

Beaumont, TX (1)

Beaumont NiesyBeaumont Trainer: Niesy earned a BS from Sam Houston State University and is a CPDT-KA.  She is the President, Instructor, and Evaluator for the Southeast Texas Paws 4 Love, a non-profit group of therapy dogs and handlers.  She sufferers from limited hearing and as a seasoned trainer, she understands firsthand the amazing things that Service Dogs do for their handlers. Service Dog Express - Read More

El Paso, TX (1)

Terry miniEl Paso Trainer: Terry is an experienced dog trainer with more than 25 years as a Law Enforcement Officer and Canine Trainer. He has a Master’s Degree in Occupational Safety and Health, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. He has trained dogs in a number of different areas; i.e. narcotics, human trafficking, ammunition, weapons, currency, money, and basic obedience. Service Dog Express - Read More

Houston, TX (1)

American Sign Language Houston TexasHouston Trainer: Natalie was raised in Houston. She received her BS from Lamar University and is fluent in American Sign Language.  She suffers from panic attacks, anxiety and PTSD.  She wants to help other people experience the profound impact that a Service Dog can have on their life. Service Dog Express - Read More

Coos Bay, OR (1)

Trainer - psychiatricCoos Bay Trainer: Laurie has her Master’s Degree in Canine Life Sciences with an emphasis on Service Dog Training from ADI-accredited Bergin University for Canine Studies. She has an undergraduate degree from Carnegie Mellon University. Laurie is a trauma victim herself, and has extensive work in the psychiatric field. Service Dog Express - Read More

Gainesville, FL (1)

gainesville, floridaGainesville Trainer: David is an USAF Veteran with a BS in Cyber Security.  He has his own self-trained Service Dog, Rottweiler “Bubbles” to assist with his mobility and PTSD/anxiety issues.  He is enthusiastic about helping others reach their full potential with the use of a properly trained Service Dog, and can do so in a very empathetic way due to the tasks that SD Bubbles is trained to perform.  Service Dog Express - Read More

Kansas City, KS/MO (1) 

Kansas City, KS/MO Kansas City, KS/MO Trainer: Kayla is a certified CPDT with over 7 years of experience in the canine industry. She obtained an AS degree in Canine Studies from Bergin University, where she specialized in Service Dog training and learned from renowned experts. Kayla’s expertise lies in positive reinforcement and following the LIMA standards. With a diverse background in dog daycare, management, and teaching various training disciplines, she is dedicated to helping dogs and people. Service Dog Express - Read More

Nashville, TN (1)

NashvilleNashville, TN Trainer: Danielle is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer—Knowledge Assessed (CPTD-KA). Danielle has worked with dogs who had very diverse backgrounds and specific behavioral issues, including several of the dogs saved from the Michael Vick dog fighting ring.  She was a “Puppy Raiser”  and taught advanced basic obedience as well as Service Dog-specific skills.  Service Dog Express - Read More