Hannah – West Texas (Lubbock)

Lubbock, Amarillo, Midland, Odessa, Clovis, Hobbs,Lubbock, PTSD, MobilityHannah, originally from North Central Texas, immersed herself in the world of canine health and obedience in 2020. The journey began when she adopted her first dog after the second semester of college, intending for the canine companion to be her emotional support. Surprisingly, their roles reversed, with Hannah becoming not only the emotional support human but also a dedicated advocate for her furry friend.

Confronted with the dog’s anxiety and OCD behaviors, Hannah initiated weekly behavioral and obedience training immediately after adoption. This experience kindled a genuine passion for fostering, adopting, and training dogs. Currently, she cares for three special needs dogs: Mae, who is deaf; Zeppelin, both deaf and blind; and Heart, who is blind.

In her pursuit of knowledge and expertise, Hannah is actively working towards certifications in Canine Cold Laser Therapy, Holistic Carnivore Nutrition, and Canine Massage Therapy. These certifications aim to enhance her ability to care for her dogs and provide valuable insights to future clients.

A 2023 graduate from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor’s in Human Development and Family Studies, Hannah is currently enrolled in grad school, pursuing a doctorate in Occupational Therapy (OT) at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. This academic journey has provided her with a fresh perspective on how dogs can act as occupational therapists, aiding their owners in becoming more functional and leading fulfilling lives.

Fueled by excitement, Hannah is committed to advancing her service dog training journey. Her goal is to collaborate with and inspire service dog teams, empowering them to achieve day-to-day goals together. She is enthusiastic about contributing to the well-being and functionality of individuals through the impactful bond between humans and service dogs.