Kayla – Kansas City

Kansas City Kansas MissouriKayla is originally from South Texas and has been involved in the canine industry since 2015.  In 2022, she received an Associate of Science Degree in Canine Studies from Bergin University in California. There, she learned from Karen Pryor graduates, certified behaviorists, and veterinarians with other students from all over the country. She also learned Service Dog training from Bonnie Bergin, known as the “pioneer” of the Service Dog and she worked in the whelping room on campus to teach the young puppies service dog basics.

During her time at Bergin University, she found a passion for positive reinforcement and teaching (to dogs AND humans!) and found fulfillment in showing dogs that helping their person is a fun life!

Kayla is CPDT certified, and volunteers for a Service Dog organization while continuing her education. She believes in science-based training and following the Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA) standards.

Some of her past jobs include working at dog daycare/boarding facilities under trainers and groomers, management positions, and teaching scent work, agility, and trick training to dogs. Her most recent internship was working for Service Dog researchers from the University of Arizona to perform cognition testing for their puppies and adult dogs.

Kayla and her husband share their love with their two rescue dogs, Maia and Obie.  Maia is a Terrier mix with some Cattle Dog while Obie is a Pyrenees Lab mix. Kayla and her husband enjoy playing tennis, board games, and playing with the dogs but mostly they love to spend any time they have together.

She is passionate about what she does, and her goal in working for Service Dog Express is to continue helping dogs and people!