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Service Dog Express - San Antonio

Beverli 1Beverli is from a little town on the coast of Texas called Port Lavaca. After finishing high school and her first year of college, she moved into her first apartment, and adopted her current Service Dog, Luke. She started obedience training with him immediately. A year and a half later, she moved to San Antonio to continue her education in Physical Therapy, and got involved with local rescue groups, fostering dogs with behavioral issues. This is where her formal interest in dog training journey began. While working with patients recovering from car accidents, surgeries, and other set-backs, she branched out and began rescuing, training and adopting companion dogs into forever homes with the help of three volunteers. Over 7 years of rescuing, rehabilitating, training, and adopting, she has seen 217 dogs go to loving, forever homes. One of her lifelong dreams became to help shelter dogs become Service Dogs, enriching their human companion’s life, and giving them a better and more fulfilling life than they may have ever known.

Beverli 2

At a young age, Beverli was the victim of sexual abuse, and has learned through firsthand experience how dogs can help to calm the anxiety and PTSD that continued years after. In May of 2013, she lost her brother, a US Marine, who also suffered with PTSD, and spent much time receiving the therapeutic love from her dogs, Onyx and Luke. After losing her brother, Beverli spent more time with her dogs than people, and attributes much of her emotional healing to having them near. Beverli also suffers with asthma, and has trained her dogs to aid her during severe asthma attacks. Beverli has received counseling through both a psychologist and minister to help her overcome the depression, anxiety and flashbacks, and continues to work through only minor issues now. Allowing her dogs to give when they feel she needs them, and encouraging and training them further with therapy and Service tasks, Beverli feels empowered to take on any challenge life throws her way.

Beverli 3Beverli is excited to begin her Service Dog training journey. After years of rescuing and obedience training, Service Dog training is a dream come true. With a background in physical and massage therapy, she feels that Service Dog training is the perfect way to blend helping dogs and humans work together for a greater quality of life. She believes in encouraging and empowering those with physical or emotional scars to work through them and to welcome a four-legged counselor and friend into their lives.