Claire – Austin/San Antonio


San Antonio, Texas

Claire is originally from Bedford, England. Born into a Military family, she grew up traveling the world while her father served in the USAF. Her family settled in San Antonio when her father retired, she has been here ever since.

Claire has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and spent 16+ years working in the Financial Industry. Wanting a career change Claire decided to leave the Financial Industry and pursue a career working with dogs and helping others. She is certified in Dog Obedience and Problem Solving and Training Shelter Dogs. She is currently continuing her education to receive her Certification in Pet Nutrition.

Claire has had dogs in her life as long as she can remember beginning with her grandparents dog Rusty and the family dog Squirt. Once out on her own she has never been without a dog by her side. Over the years she has had 5 dogs 3 of which were rescues. Until Claire began Mentoring for her certification she did not realize how she has utilized her dogs throughout the years for Anxiety, Stress and overall comfort.  Claire has a clear understanding of how a Service Dog can impact a person’s life and give them an overall better quality of life. While working in the Financial Industry she had a team member who had a Service Dog, who was also a rescue from a local shelter. In spending time with this person Claire learned how valuable these animals are and how they enrich their handlers lives.

 Through her training, personal experience and lifelong love for dogs she is excited to be able to give this to others.

San Antonio, Texas