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Helping those with PTSD, TBI, and other disabilities

Service Dog Express, LLC, originated in the heart of “Military City, USA,” formally recognized as San Antonio, TX, back in 2012. The visionary behind this venture is Laurie, the CEO and founder. She was deeply moved by the considerable number of wounded warriors and veterans who could immensely benefit from the support of well-trained Service Dogs. Initially, our client base consisted solely of wounded warriors, but as time went on, it became evident that there was a growing demand for Service Dogs among diverse individuals with disabilities across Texas.

While various prominent Service Dog organizations across the nation offer dogs of exceptional quality, they are often geographically distant from San Antonio. The cost to clients for acquiring a Service Dog from these organizations can soar up to $25,000. In most cases, clients are allotted just about two weeks to build a bond with their new companion. These organizations also tend to have waiting lists spanning up to five years. These dogs undergo a rigorous two-year training regimen starting from puppyhood, enabling them to perform a multitude of Service Dog tasks. However, our CEO observed that the limited bonding time between clients and Service Dogs posed a significant concern—she views this connection as a pivotal aspect of the process. Furthermore, these dogs come from extensive breeding lines aimed at eliminating undesirable behaviors. Despite this, it didn’t address the prevalent issue of countless dogs in shelters and rescues with untapped Service Dog potential.

Hence, our company was established with a distinct approach. We prioritize collaborating with clients who either 1) already share an established bond with their own dog or 2) assist them in evaluating and selecting a dog from local shelters or rescue groups. This approach substantially reduces the financial burden on clients and accelerates the training process. Notably, all training is conducted with both the client and the Service Dog, facilitating mutual learning and growth throughout the training journey.

Service Dog Express is readily available for both public and private speaking engagements, delivering keynote speeches, and participating in panel discussions. Laurie is an adept speaker on a wide range of Service Dog-related subjects, including Service Dog etiquette, the capabilities of Service Dogs, entering the Service Dog career field, integrating Service Dogs into educational institutions and workplaces, accessibility rights, air travel with Service Dogs, and handling situations where access is denied. Her insights are cutting-edge, shaped by her continuous pursuit of new research and relevant topics. Additionally, Laurie maintains an ongoing dialogue with local Congressmen and State Senators, advocating for necessary revisions to safeguard the rights of individuals with Service Dogs.

Service Dog for PTSD

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