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Shauna and SDiT Kilo


An update from Michelle, our trainer in New Mexico, who is training with Shauna who suffers from PTSD, anxiety, and mobility issues, and SDIT, Kilo.Michelle writes:”Working with Team Shauna and SDiT Kilo is awesome!

We went to the pet store, where I watched Kilo work off-leash, walk up against Shauna in a cover, and his down and stay is getting much better. He only got up twice from the down/stay as I believe he felt vibes from Shauna possibly getting nervous or a little anxious. That is normal. Kilo’s doing great!!!!!!
We then went to the grocery store to go over the “colored tiles” to learn those were access chasers for the freezers. Great job!! As those chasers are hollow, and Kilo doesn’t want mom to fall, he was alerting for her to stay away from them and again planted himself in the way, not wanting her to be near them.

Upon completion, went to the Allsups that had been giving Shauna and Kilo a hard time, happy to learn they have new staff and welcomed both my SDIT Abby and Kilo without question!

Then Abby felt the need to stand on Kilo on our way back to the house. Silly girl, he’s your friend!!!”

Good job, Shauna, I would let Kilo still alert to those chased covers; he obviously doesn’t feel comfortable around them, Trust Kilo!”


SDiT Jake

I received a wonderful email from SDiT Jake and mom Suzanna, she writes:

I want to wait until he’s older for more hard core training. I bought him a dog shirt and I’m starting to put it on him when I train him. He outgrew Bubba’s old onesies lol.  He’s now microchipped also. After he gets neutered in November I want to really start his obedience training.  I also want to get his CGC.  I’m going to keep him in the puppy play school then the obedience until they say he’s done. I’m not going to mess up with this boy. He’s definitely my dog. He’ll play with Boogaboo (her son) but he lays and sleeps by me.  I’ll keep you posted on progress unless I forget. He’s going every where I can legally take him also. So he’s getting socialized in his class and out in public.

Great Job Suzanna, love the idea of the TShirt which will allow him to know that he is working, and when it comes off, he is a puppy still.  We will definitely keep in touch, maybe even make a monthly visit to see that he is still on track.  Keep up the good work.

Ms. Abby made a special friend

From Michelle, our trainer in New Mexico! She took her Therapy Dog, Abby, to a Social Work Conference this week. Ms. Abby made a special friend with a wonderful woman who has a disability. Ms. Abby is amazing at picking up on when people have disabilities or a need for nurturing. A true Therapy Dog! Michelle was amazed to see how she focused on a couple people this week in particular.


Ms. Peggy Pittman-Munke, is a Social Worker with Murray State University. Because of Abby’s attention to her, she donated $30.00 in honor of Abby to Service Dog Express, which will go to our non-profit rescue, In Dog We Trust.

Wonderful work, Ms. Abby! A true ambassador!!!!



SD Kilo Update

Shauna had surgery earlier this week and was able to bring her SD Kilo with her.

Here is Shauna’s update:

Kilo did great while they were prepping me for surgery, and my friend Sandy was there to help. They made sure Kilo was right there when I woke up in recovery.  While they were doing the IV, Kilo put his front paws up on the bed and nudged my hand. I’m fine with needles, no fear, but he still felt he needed to calm me, which was great.  When I woke up, he again put his paws up on the bed and nudged me. They all said he was a beautiful dog and amazed how calm he was and alert to me and my needs.  Sandy said while I was away from him he did great for her too, but kept looking for me.  My poor baby…he could have stayed the night with me in the hospital, if I had someone with me that could have walked him, but Sandy couldn’t stay the night, so he had to stay home. Another friend stayed the night here with the animals, but she has such an odd work schedule, so they were alone a lot. 🙁  … I’m home now, sore as can be too.

Sorry to hear that you were not able to keep him with you the entire stay at the hospital.  I am glad to know you are feeling better. It is nice to hear how well SD Kilo did, and how he continued to check on you.  Awesome…great bond between the two of you.   Get better soon!!!!!

SDiT Sadie Update

From Michelle, our trainer in New Mexico, who is working with Terryn, who suffers from panic disorder, agoraphobia, bipolar disorder, and her SDIT, Sadie!

“Today I met with SDIT Sadie (she is Mastiff and Lab mix) we only worked on Sit/Stay and Down/Stay.  Although she is 5 months old, she is learning to focus on mom and make progress with “watch me”. It takes her a little while to remember that mom is in charge, but once we begin working, Sadie warms up quickly and remembers her commands.

We began at the park with very little shade compared to our last meeting, and moved  to a local pet store a few miles away.  Both girls (my TD Abby and Sadie) seemed to listen more with the cooler temperatures of the store.  We continued to work on down/stay with sit/stay and “leave it” (with many new smells of rabbits, birds, ferrets, and fish). Both girls were complimented on their behaviors and really didn’t mind the other animals since they were the only 2 dogs in the store.  The only time they had the slightest interest in the other animals was when the birds where moving or out of the cages.”

Assessment for Osito and Handler Beto

Beto with OsitoA posting from our trainer Michelle, in New Mexico!

I would like to introduce you to Beto, with his SDiT, Osito.  Osito is a 5 yr-old Papillion/Pomeranian/Chihuahua cross.  Beto is a veteran of the Vietnam War, who is an extremely kind and gentle person.  He has a partner with Osito, who adores him beyond belief and thinks the world of Beto.  Osito decided to take a little nap and love on his dad.

Osito laying next to meWhen I first entered, Osito was a little nervous of the “new person in the house”, but soon warmed up to me.  He is so sweet and gentle, yet he the Alpha of the pack!  He is 1 of 6 dogs in the home, and seems to rule the roost!  Once he finally warmed up to me, Osito making sure the yard is ok for ushe allowed me to handle him, and assess his temperament.  He then laid on the floor next to me, very comfortable.  Upon visiting with Beto, and finding out how Osito will be assisting him, I had a tour of a very dog-friendly home with beautiful yard for them to roam, including a dog run from the back yard to the front fence.

Osito smiling in the Back yardBeto will have Osito trained for Diabetic alert purposes and medication reminders.  Upon assessing this team, I feel that the bond is very strong and breaking Osito of a few bad habits will be rather easy.  Getting him used to certain commands might be the trick. 🙂

Beto has a wonderful family and great support system.  Beto is very eager to get started, including training multiple times per week or as much as we feel Osito needs.

Terryn and SDiT Sadie

An update from Michelle, our trainer in New Mexico, who is working with Terryn, who suffers from panic disorder, agoraphobia, and bipolar disorder.

“I worked with SDIT Sadie and her mom, Terryn on Saturday 6/28. Training went well. Sadie is now approx 5 months old, and had a couple sessions with the puppy obedience class. She is a bit skittish around the other dogs (approx 30 in her class), so the socialization will help. Sadie was a little nervous around my dog, Ms.Abby, however, Sadie warmed up to her after they sniffed a bit and did the proper dog introductions!

We worked on the commands “Sit with Stay” then “Recall”, and “Down” and “Leave it”. She is doing great based on her age! Sadie is still attentive to everything around her. I think that with Abby there with her showing her “the ropes”, she was able to focus a little more on the training, and learned that she got treats when she did what was asked of her. She got better and better with commands as time went on.

We eventually got Sadie to sit and stay with me, I dropped the leash, mom walked about 20′ away and called her, and she returned to mom with no issues. She never tried to go astray. Great JOB!!!!

Sadie is not used to the treats, as her puppy class does not use them. So in teaching her “leave it” with the “down and stay”, she was tempted, but finally learned that she had to not take it, and focused on other things.

Sadie is very aware of her surroundings, and Terryn kept trying to make Sadie focus on her with “watch me”. I explained that Sadie was just on alert for those that could potentially walk up to mom without her knowing.

After training, we treated both Sadie and Abby with a run in the dog park, to help Sadie socialize with a few other dogs – and she was great! She was not skittish and followed mom – even off leash.”MIchelle and SDiT Sadie


SDiT Kilo is welcomed in IGA

SDiT Kilo is welcomed into IGA in Roswell, NM with open arms.

Mom Shauna updates:

The Manager at the IGA store, LOVES Kilo. He greets him each time we take Kilo in, and Kilo is starting to get to know him, and everyone else. They love him there, and said they wish their dogs were as good as him. lol

Shauna, Great job!!!! I hope that Kilo is not scared of the colored tiles.  We will work on his reaction to wheelchairs and motorized carts once you are feeling better.

Shauna and SDiT Kilo UPDATE!!!!!

I just received a message from Shauna who is currently working with SDiT Kilo.  Shauna is currently getting ready for Surgery next week.

Shauna writes:

Kilo went with me to per-register at the hospital  where he did wonderful.  He focused on me, and laid at my feet, while we were in the waiting room.

Waiting Room 1
Kilo laying nicely in the waiting room, for the next mission for the day.
Waiting Room 2
Watching mom for commands and signals while in the waiting room.

While I was also at the hospital, I needed to have an EKG completed and labs, Kilo was remarkable, never left my side.  With me on the table, he went into a down, and waited until I commanded him “let’s go.”

Nothing seems to bother this little boy, who is dedicated to making his mom safe.
Kilo waiting for labs to be conducted, watching mom.

I just want everyone to know how wonderful Kilo is doing with mom about to have surgery. Mom, Shauna, is waiting until she is aware of who will be with her to ensure he is there before she goes into surgery and when she wakes.  The hospital seems very accommodating.  YAY!!!!!

Denied Service in New Mexico

So proud of Shauna in New Mexico, who was denied service at an Allsups convenient store. Even after the manager called me and asked me to send him ADA Service Dog laws, which I did, Shauna went through this AGAIN:

“Kilo and I went back to that Allsups, and the male was working who was the one I argued with on the phone. The first thing he asked when I walked in is if I talked to the manager. I told him no, but that Laurie from Service Dog Express did, and hopefully the situation is resolved, for it could have turned into a hefty law suit. Then I offered the paper work for him to read, which he did. He then proceeded to argue with me that his fiance has a Service Dog, and everywhere they go, they have to show “paper work”. I told him that I have never had to show anything, nor was I ever questioned. And now that he read the laws, I told him to inform his fiance of her rights, that no place has a right to ask for “paperwork”. He then tried to tell me that places that serve food have all rights to do so! I shook my head, sighed and said NO, they do NOT have the right. He wanted to keep arguing, but I told him to drop it, he read the paperwork, and the law is above any company policy.

He then started to tell me about a woman in a wheelchair who wears a tag around her neck for her Service Dog, and states its the law she does. I told them I believe that is a choice, but not the law. I directed them to check out the ADA laws, and as well contact SDE if they wanted any more information. I bought my Coke and left. I honestly do not wanna go back to that Allsups, ever, but sometimes it’s on my way home. Sadly, my state of mind is still not set right to peacefully deal with confrontations like that, but my SDIT Kilo is amazing at quickly calming me down. He didn’t go in the down position while I was there; he stayed pressed to me the whole time or a bit to my side, bumping my hand with his head.

Shauna didn’t give up! She just called the corporate offices to Allsups, and they were amazing. They even said that those employees should NOT have asked for anything, not even to have mentioned seeing Kilo, especially since he was fully in his vest/gear. She told me she was going to call the district manager here in Roswell to make sure the problem is taken care of, and that that particular Allsups is more educated. She even agreed that I was harassed. I don’t think those people will be having a job much longer, but at least they will be schooled about Service Dogs!”