Shauna and SDiT Kilo UPDATE!!!!!

I just received a message from Shauna who is currently working with SDiT Kilo.  Shauna is currently getting ready for Surgery next week.

Shauna writes:

Kilo went with me to per-register at the hospital  where he did wonderful.  He focused on me, and laid at my feet, while we were in the waiting room.

Waiting Room 1
Kilo laying nicely in the waiting room, for the next mission for the day.
Waiting Room 2
Watching mom for commands and signals while in the waiting room.

While I was also at the hospital, I needed to have an EKG completed and labs, Kilo was remarkable, never left my side.  With me on the table, he went into a down, and waited until I commanded him “let’s go.”

Nothing seems to bother this little boy, who is dedicated to making his mom safe.
Kilo waiting for labs to be conducted, watching mom.

I just want everyone to know how wonderful Kilo is doing with mom about to have surgery. Mom, Shauna, is waiting until she is aware of who will be with her to ensure he is there before she goes into surgery and when she wakes.  The hospital seems very accommodating.  YAY!!!!!