SD Kilo Update

Shauna had surgery earlier this week and was able to bring her SD Kilo with her.

Here is Shauna’s update:

Kilo did great while they were prepping me for surgery, and my friend Sandy was there to help. They made sure Kilo was right there when I woke up in recovery.  While they were doing the IV, Kilo put his front paws up on the bed and nudged my hand. I’m fine with needles, no fear, but he still felt he needed to calm me, which was great.  When I woke up, he again put his paws up on the bed and nudged me. They all said he was a beautiful dog and amazed how calm he was and alert to me and my needs.  Sandy said while I was away from him he did great for her too, but kept looking for me.  My poor baby…he could have stayed the night with me in the hospital, if I had someone with me that could have walked him, but Sandy couldn’t stay the night, so he had to stay home. Another friend stayed the night here with the animals, but she has such an odd work schedule, so they were alone a lot. 🙁  … I’m home now, sore as can be too.

Sorry to hear that you were not able to keep him with you the entire stay at the hospital.  I am glad to know you are feeling better. It is nice to hear how well SD Kilo did, and how he continued to check on you.  Awesome…great bond between the two of you.   Get better soon!!!!!