Assessment for Osito and Handler Beto

Beto with OsitoA posting from our trainer Michelle, in New Mexico!

I would like to introduce you to Beto, with his SDiT, Osito.  Osito is a 5 yr-old Papillion/Pomeranian/Chihuahua cross.  Beto is a veteran of the Vietnam War, who is an extremely kind and gentle person.  He has a partner with Osito, who adores him beyond belief and thinks the world of Beto.  Osito decided to take a little nap and love on his dad.

Osito laying next to meWhen I first entered, Osito was a little nervous of the “new person in the house”, but soon warmed up to me.  He is so sweet and gentle, yet he the Alpha of the pack!  He is 1 of 6 dogs in the home, and seems to rule the roost!  Once he finally warmed up to me, Osito making sure the yard is ok for ushe allowed me to handle him, and assess his temperament.  He then laid on the floor next to me, very comfortable.  Upon visiting with Beto, and finding out how Osito will be assisting him, I had a tour of a very dog-friendly home with beautiful yard for them to roam, including a dog run from the back yard to the front fence.

Osito smiling in the Back yardBeto will have Osito trained for Diabetic alert purposes and medication reminders.  Upon assessing this team, I feel that the bond is very strong and breaking Osito of a few bad habits will be rather easy.  Getting him used to certain commands might be the trick. 🙂

Beto has a wonderful family and great support system.  Beto is very eager to get started, including training multiple times per week or as much as we feel Osito needs.