SDiT Jake

I received a wonderful email from SDiT Jake and mom Suzanna, she writes:

I want to wait until he’s older for more hard core training. I bought him a dog shirt and I’m starting to put it on him when I train him. He outgrew Bubba’s old onesies lol.  He’s now microchipped also. After he gets neutered in November I want to really start his obedience training.  I also want to get his CGC.  I’m going to keep him in the puppy play school then the obedience until they say he’s done. I’m not going to mess up with this boy. He’s definitely my dog. He’ll play with Boogaboo (her son) but he lays and sleeps by me.  I’ll keep you posted on progress unless I forget. He’s going every where I can legally take him also. So he’s getting socialized in his class and out in public.

Great Job Suzanna, love the idea of the TShirt which will allow him to know that he is working, and when it comes off, he is a puppy still.  We will definitely keep in touch, maybe even make a monthly visit to see that he is still on track.  Keep up the good work.