SDiT Sadie Update

From Michelle, our trainer in New Mexico, who is working with Terryn, who suffers from panic disorder, agoraphobia, bipolar disorder, and her SDIT, Sadie!

“Today I met with SDIT Sadie (she is Mastiff and Lab mix) we only worked on Sit/Stay and Down/Stay.  Although she is 5 months old, she is learning to focus on mom and make progress with “watch me”. It takes her a little while to remember that mom is in charge, but once we begin working, Sadie warms up quickly and remembers her commands.

We began at the park with very little shade compared to our last meeting, and moved  to a local pet store a few miles away.  Both girls (my TD Abby and Sadie) seemed to listen more with the cooler temperatures of the store.  We continued to work on down/stay with sit/stay and “leave it” (with many new smells of rabbits, birds, ferrets, and fish). Both girls were complimented on their behaviors and really didn’t mind the other animals since they were the only 2 dogs in the store.  The only time they had the slightest interest in the other animals was when the birds where moving or out of the cages.”