Yvette busts with pride

From our trainer, Cherry Jenkins, who is working with Yvette and her SDIT, Shadow. Yvette suffers from severe anxiety and depression. This was their second session.

“Had a great session with Yvette and her Service Dog in Training Shadow. When we met the first time, Shadow was completely raw. Yvette rescued him from the shelter in San Antonio. The first time we met, I showed her how to get Shadow to sit, stay, and wait. I gave her that as homework, and told her the next time we meet I’d like to see some progress. The holidays came and we took a break, so when I saw Yvette and Shadow again today I was unsure what to expect; I was beyond impressed!!

Yvette had worked harder than I could have imagined, and Shadow performed all his sits and stays in Home Depot like a professional team!!! Even with passers by and buzzing fork lifts he stayed focused on Yvette!

Yvette busted with pride when I told her how well she had done and that she should be totally proud of herself! She gave me a huge smile and said I had made her feel great!.. I told her it wasn’t me that did the training, it was HER and she did it all! She smiled even wider!

Shadow makes her feel comforted and secure in public and one of the three tasks is to “watch her” carefully, focusing on her so that she knows he’s right by her side – which he does perfectly. I see a great future for Yvette and Shadow!