Lindsey has started

From our trainer Jackie, who currently lives in the Rio Grande Valley. She is starting to work with Lindsey, who is a 30 year-old young woman who was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and depression. Lindsey does own her own dog, but knows he is not qualified to be a Service Dog. Lindsey has a difficult time getting up off of the couch and getting up off of the floor, if she has fallen. She usually has to get help from her boyfriend or a co- worker if she is at work. She is also very sensitive and uncomfortable having someone behind her or off to her left side. She is looking for a good mobility Service Dog, and one that can help do “covers” from behind and on her left side. Jackie writes:

“Lindsey and I started out with several phone conversations about her particular needs. Lindsey requested a meeting/consultation. We looked at the Available Assessed Dogs, and were considering Tango, but Tango’s foster did not think he would be a good mobility dog. Lindsey needs a tall, sturdy dog for mobility and for her anxiety. I met her other dog, and assessed his interactions with myself and my own SD, Diesel, to determine how he would respond to larger dogs. The response was positive, so I put the word out down here what I was looking for yesterday for her in a Service Dog, and currently have 2 potential dogs that I will follow up with for Lindsey.”