Wounded Warrior Sonny with SDIT Colt

From our magnificent trainer, Cherry, who paired Wounded Warrior Sonny with SDIT, Colt. She is training them now. She sent the following:

“A wonderful and magical update from retired Marine, Sonny and his SDIT Colt, who was adopted from In Dog We Trust through Service Dog Express some weeks ago. Sonny and Colt are inseparable, and the bond between them is something very special. Sonny takes Colt almost everywhere with him, and Colt is always on his best behavior. Colt was found wandering the streets at just 3 months old, taken in by a kind lady and then fostered until Cherry took him into her rescue, In Dog We Trust. Just look at the magic of this picture.”

She also writes about their training session:

“Sonny and Colt, sounds like a song! Our training session went extremely well – the bond between these two is quite amazing. Colt always stayed close to Sonny, which of course is wonderful!

Sonny was concerned about the number of people wanting to pet Colt, so we practiced “Watch me “, which is a good tool to use so people can see Colt is working and it keeps Colt focused on Sonny and not on the person wanting to pet.

They did great. Colt has a perfect heel, and although it was far too cold and dark to train outside, we discussed a lot about training and practiced in the lounge. This SD team is going to go far!”