Daniel, Stubby and Cherry

From our marvelous trainer, Cherry, who is training with Wounded Warrior, Daniel!

“Today we had a great first session with Daniel, Stubby and me.

Daniel recently lost his beloved Service Dog Ivan, so after searching shelters and pounds, I suggested he train Ivan’s brother, Stubby.
Daniel had already done a lot of work with Stubby; he was very good at “sit”, “down”, and is learning to “stay”.

We talked for quite a bit discussing ADA laws, as it was still a murky area for Daniel. I explained what businesses are allowed to ask and what they are not. I also told him I would give him a copy of the laws to keep with him at all times so he can show anyone who is uninformed on the matter. Daniel was really pleased with that idea!

Daniel mentioned that he didn’t like people approaching to pet Stubby, so I taught him how to teach Stubby to ‘Watch me”. This will engage Stubby with Daniel and people can also see that Stubby is working. He really loved that idea, too, and wants that to be one of the three tasks for Stubby.

We then discussed “Cover”, and I showed Daniel the quickest way to teach a dog to not only stand in front to cover, but also to press right into his legs for emotional support.I also explained how dogs learn to switch on and off from pet to Service Dog and how they know to pay attention in those times when they are working.

By the end of our hour, Daniel was feeling optimistic and cheerful. Knowing what he’d learned in just that hour made him want to take Stubby out more often. I said I wanted a picture of him and Stubby for Service Dog Express, but he insisted I stood in on the picture! I was very flattered!.. I looked awful and if I’d known I was going to be photographed I’d have changed my shirt from accidentally spilling a drink on myself on my way to his house!

I am so impressed with Daniel; he has a wonderful, supportive family who also made me welcome in their home while I was there.
Good job Daniel and Stubby!