Wounded Warrior Jeremy and “Lilac”

An update from our trainer Andrew, who is working with Wounded Warrior Jeremy in Killeen, and his dog, “Lilac”, who was rescued by “In Dog We Trust”, run by Cherry Jenkins. She nursed poor Lilac, a pit, back to health because he had such terrible mange and had lost all her hair. But she healed her with the help of the veterinarian!

“This was our initial session, and what was discussed were simple basic obedience tasks. We discussed basic obedience and leash maneuvers, and we discussed the difference between stay and wait. Lilac learned the game “take it” so that we can make the work fun. We worked a little on recalls and discussed the importance of a solid recall.”

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  1. Sweet sweet Lilac, I am so pleased she’s doing well!! She is a big Pittie with a heart as big as she is!

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