Wounded Warrior Jose and Jethro

I love keeping track of Service Dogs that were placed over a year ago. Here is a picture of Wounded Warrior, Jose, and his absolutely amazing, unbelievably well-trained, loving, attentive, life-changing Service Dog, Jethro. Jose lives in Del Rio, and was placed with Jethro over a year ago. Jethro received initial amazing training by our former trainer, Tony, with the help of his daughter, Jennifer. Tony already had a fully-trained SD, Lucy (who still is doing a wonderful job almost two years later!). Jose comes to San Antonio often for appointments at the VA, and he always calls to let me know how well Jethro continues to do. He says Jethro has literally brought his entire family back together. Jethro not only is Jose’s constant companion for PTSD and other medical issues, but every day, Jethro does “checks” on all four children in their rooms, morning and night – and will alert Jose and his wife, Roberta, if any of the children are sick, crying – anything. Jose and Roberta have said that Jethro has literally changed ALL of their lives – bringing healing to Jose, and bringing the family closer together. He is one AMAZING rottweiler!!!!! SO PROUD OF YOU, DEAR JETHRO!!!! (He’s on the right side in the picture giving daddy a KISS!)