Letty is a Fighter – Breast Cancer Will Lose

Very shocking news about one of our dear, dear Service Dog Express trainers, and also my dear, wonderful friend, Letty Pugh. I know a lot of you had the extreme honor of training your Service Dogs with her. She has given me permission to post this. I don’t say “sad” news, because Letty’s spirit is as strong and optimistic as anyone I know. From our dear Letty:

“Ok, friends and family. Here’s the scoop….I was diagnosed with breast cancer last week. I’m putting it out on FB for two reasons. 1) I’m only 43 years old. It does happen to women our age and there is never a good reason to NOT have your mammogram done. In order to be there for the ones you love, make a little time to get your boobs hugged! ! 2) I need your prayers. I’ve chosen to have a total mastectomy on my left breast on Tuesday, 25NOV. After the surgery, I’ll be staged and will start treatment (treatment will be determined as a result of the tumor pathology).

If any of you have any questions, please, ask. I’m not afraid nor am I freaking out. The kids, Marlon and my parents are all extremely strong. Other then that…….I LOVE YOU!”

I have spoken with Letty, and she it truly at peace with this. As usual, she takes things in stride, believes all things happen for a reason, and chooses to focus on the positives in her life. Of course, as an integral part of our Service Dog Express family for so long, my feelings about her are impossible to put into words – but I am gathering all the love and prayer I have in my heart and sending it to her and her beautiful family – her husband, Marlon, her children, and her doggies. Her Service Dog, Bentley, who is deaf, will be at her side as she recovers from her surgery at SAMMC. Please, all whose lives she has touched, let her know how much you care.

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