Wounded Warrior DJ and Tabitha

From trainer Beverly – she’s been hard at work!! A session with Wounded Warrior DJ, who suffers from PTSD, and his SDIT, Tabitha.

“We met at HEB. and had our first public session there to find treats for Tabitha. She did VERY well. She responded to “leave it” if she was getting too interested in others. She laid down at one point while we were looking at treats and DJ was “amazed” at her “non-reaction” to the people who were going by at that time!

Tabitha is proficient at Sit, Down, Stay (short 1-2 mins) Heel position (Walk, return, at stop), Watch Me, Wait, Leave it, Controlled entry (car, building, inside doors), Controlled Exit (car, building, inside door) and Walking in a Public Location. DJ has been doing great work with Tabitha.

We then went across the street to Lowes and practiced walking beside the shopping cart, and practiced remaining seated when being petted. Tabitha did VERY well on all of these new tasks.

DJ will continue to work with her and get her out more. He has her vest ordered and she should have that by next session and will be able to start taking her out all the time now that he is past the “first time” jitters!”