Travis and the AMAZING SDIT Teddy

From tireless trainer Beverly, who is working with 17 year-old Travis, who has CP and is confined to a wheelchair and cannot speak. He is AMAZING with SDIT Teddy!!!

“Worked with Travis (using the “voice commands” from his iPad) and Teddy on “stay” and “place” (for use at restaurants or other public locations when he needs to go to a specific spot.) Mother Meridan says that Teddy is doing fantastic waiting to get in and out of the van, heeling in public, going to Travis’s school, and attending hospital visits! The family is doing a fabulous job at training Teddy and Travis and Teddy are both amazingly intelligent. We reviewed what Teddy will need to know to pass the Public Access Test with Meridian and Travis.

The family will be on vacation for the next 2 weeks and will return to training once they come back. Teddy will be going with them and even has a “dog house” in their hotel room! We will discuss how it went and any issues that need to be addressed at that time.”