Meet and Greet – Robert and Crash

From trainer Beverly and her son, Andrew, also a trainer, who had the first meeting with Wounded Warrior, SMSgt Robert, who suffers from PTSD.

“We met in Selma for the initial meet and greet with Robert and Crash and Andrew reviewed what Crash had been learning previously – sit, down, watch me, heel, leave it, and short stay. We discussed what he had been eating, his routines and any habits that may require more work. Robert and Crash hit it off right away, and Robert decided he wanted to pick Crash up on Saturday (giving him time to get things for the Temporary Living Facility (TLF)  he is staying in.)

On Saturday afternoon, we met in Kingsbury, and Andrew and Bob took Crash to D&D feed to get food, and show Bob what they had been working on in public. The meeting went well and follow up phone calls have shown a few new things to work on (nothing totally unexpected for a major change) – but everyone is adjusting to their new life together. We will be scheduling a training session soon, since Bob is going to be having surgery and we need to make certain that Crash adjusts to the limitations ASAP.”