Wounded Warrior Bud and Action Jackson

From our trainer, Cherry, who is working with Wounded Warrior Bud, who suffers from PTSD, and his SDIT, Jackson!

“Today was our first training session. Bud suffers from PTSD and his little battle buddy is Jackson.

Bud did not have good experiences with other training agencies in the past. After an hour with me, he felt relaxed and confident about where his training was going with him and Jackson. “I’ve learned a lot today” he told me.

Bud was a bit apprehensive at first but I soon had him laughing and relaxed and taught him ways to use Jackson to ease his anxiety which he really appreciated.

I showed him a few techniques to use when people approach and wanting to pet his beautiful dog, Jackson. “That makes me feel so much better!” he said, knowing that he could use his battle buddy to calm him down in times of stress.

Today we concentrated on “stay” and “cover”. I have given them homework and Bud is excited to show me what they can do the next time we meet.

This is an awesome team. Jackson adores his Daddy, and Bud just loves his little buddy Jackson. These two are set for great things to come!”