Suzy and SDiT Jake

A great update from our client, Suzy, in Alamogordo, NM, who is training with Michelle and SDIT, Jake!

“Well, as you know from pictures last night, we finally got Jake’s vest! Today we went to Walmart and he did great. Between him just stepping up and getting his vest on, and heeling beside the cart, we didn’t have a single problem. I did have to remind Jake to keep his focus every now and then when people walked too close, and he saw another SD in the store. He even did a cover without me asking! The only problem was loading up into the truck after we were done. I’m going to start working on that more. Now unloading – he’s a little exuberant about. So I will also work on making sure he waits and is full control before he unloads – always with my hand on his leash. He is going to be a great asset to me when he’s fully trained. After my husband gets back and I’ll have a second person to assist me for safety reasons, I’ll be able to do some stay training in public.”