Nancy and SDiT STELLA!!

From our dear trainer, Cherry Jenkins, with In Dog We Trust rescue, who is training with Nancy and her SDIT, Stella! Nancy struggles with mobility issues, vertigo, and anxiety.

“I had a wonderful training session today with Nancy and her SDIT Stella! Its always nice when I see clients that have done their homework and topped up on training – and it was very clear that Nancy had been working hard with stunning Stella!

We have done sessions at home and in a supermarket setting, so today was getting Stella used to being in a restaurant. She laid down beautifully next to Nancy and while the table legs prevented her from going right under, she was able to tuck herself in close. Nancy’s homework of not allowing Stella to beg at the table at home paid off because Stella knew to lay quiet and ignore the food on the table.

Dedication like this to one’s service dog in training means the PAT will not be far away for these two!