Erica, Lisa and SDiT Nina

From our trainer, Pat, who is working with Erica and her daughter, Lisa, who has multiple disabilities, and their SDIT, Nina.

“Nina is the cutest little SDIT you’ll ever see! She and Lisa’s mom, Erica made real progress today! Nina learned “Watch Me”, to “hell” on a leash, “sit”, with “down” not very far behind. This is a little dog that was very wary of new things and especially of leashes. So – to have her walk down the sidewalk with Erica was really a great accomplishment for her first lesson. Erica was thrilled. Little Nina already showed improvement in the confident way she held herself.

Erica has very good instincts and has been working with having Nina stay in her daughter, Lisa’s lap when Erica leaves the room. With good success :0). I just can’t wait to see Nina walk with Lisa holding the leash. And I can’t wait to see Erica’s face when that happens!