Lovely post from the mother of Jayna

A lovely post from the mother of Jayna, was born with a very rare medical condition called Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum, and her SDIT, “Brian”

“A successful end of the first day of school for Brian! The School Administrator wrote, “All is good. Brian is doing well. Jayna seems a bit distracted….but that will get better every day. The kids here have had Service Dogs before at school. They know they are not allowed to touch or talk to while he is “working” during school. That probably helps keep him calm, too. Brian knows what he is doing….smart dog. Jayna just needs more work with commands and how to give treats at right time. The thing to find out…….we have told kids while he has vest on…he is working which means no petting. Did the trainer say that when no vest on he knows that means playtime? Jayna is trying to play and tells kids to play with him….just don’t want to confuse this with what the trainer taught him. Just let me know so we are all on the same page.” She then wrote, “He will be a great fit here.” This was a beautiful report and we are so thrilled!! God is showing His grace and favor and we are so honored that He saw fit to bless our daughter NOW in her life! What a blessing!!

In turn, I immediately texted our trainer, Jackie, and she was so thrilled. She and I both think Brian is a natural at being a Service dog. A few tweeks to be made, but they are both well on their way to a great educational experience together!

Thank you for all of your support. We are planning on a training session at Toys-R-Us this weekend…and I can already hear the “Mama, I want…”

In His Love,