Wounded Warrior Krisia and her SDIT, Corgi “Bear”

From our trainer, Emmett, who had his fourth session with Wounded Warrior Krisia and her SDIT, Corgi “Bear”! Krisia suffers from severe anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, and fibromyalgia.

Emmett writes:

“Today, at Target, we worked on reinforcing Bear’s” sit/stay” and “down/stay”, as well as introducing Bear to blocking Krisia with “covers”. Krisia can become very anxious or pained (fibromyalgia) if strangers get too close to her. We are working on having Bear block (cover) on command in front of Krisia as well as behind her.

We also worked on having Bear heel through tight quarters, as well as having him do controlled meet and greets by several strangers. We also had two different willing strangers hold Bear’s leash while Krisia walked off in preparation for the Public Access Test.

Since our last session, Bear has improved tremendously!! He used to be a bit distracted in new environments, and would slide into a “down” when asked to sit and stay. He now (80% of the time) will stay in an upright, seated position when asked for a “sit/stay” which is HUGE progress. He also accepts treats much more politely now that Krisia has been working with him on that.

So far Krisia and Bear are doing wonderfully! They will be working on Bear’s “cover” while Krisia is visiting family in Puerto Rico.