Wounded Warrior Marsha and Charlie

From our trainer Terry, in El Paso, who had his third training session Wounded Warrior Marsha and her SDIT, German Shepherd “Charlie”! Marsha suffers from PTSD, fibromyalgia, and mobility issues.

Terry writes:

“Today’s session was Marsha and Charlie’s first exposure to the shopping mall. It was exciting and interesting to see both Marsha & Charlie’s reaction to the people and movement within a congested mall setting!! Both parties did well on their first outing. As expected, Marsha and Charlie were a little anxious at the beginning. But after a lot of walking, talking, shopping, and exposure to different settings within numerous stores, they both calmed down and took things in stride. We also made a quick pass through the food court! Charlie was curious for sure, but was not overly distracted! Good job!

Marsha has had a number of back surgeries, which greatly hinder her mobility and motor skills. She performed marvelously through this exercise. What a trooper!