Elizabeth and Zoe

I am SO happy to report that our dear, beautiful Zoe, who was found on the streets and saved by two wonderful women in the neighborhood, has found her perfect forever home with client Elizabeth. Elizabeth was diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety since the age of 14. She also suffers from sleep disturbances and sleep walking at times when she is alone and disturbed before sleeping. Despite this, she has managed to work and go back to school now in the last year. She does not get to go out much due to general anxiety and fear.

Well, when Elizabeth met Zoe, the bond was instant!! Elizabeth came prepared for the first meet and greet with all the supplies needed as mentioned in the training manual. Kelly and Lana, the two women who saved Zoe, visited Elizabeth for the first four days with Zoe for hours at a time to make the transition to a new home easier on Zoe. Zoe just loves Elizabeth!!

Zoe already alerts to Elizabeth when she starts sleepwalking by nipping at her heels to wake her up. I went to Elizabeth’s workplace, where she is a supervisor in a company that has large cubicles. Elizabeth brought a blanket for Zoe, chew toys to keep her occupied, and made sure to take Zoe out for potty breaks as often as possible. Elizabeth’s boss and all the employees completely welcomed Zoe, and Zoe’s “performance” at the workplace is stellar. Elizabeth’s anxiety has already decreased tremendously with Zoe in her life. Elizabeth’s boyfriend, who lives in Laredo but comes up as often as possible, and her entire family have been completely supportive of Elizabeth’s decision to have a Service Dog.

We will begin training in other public places next week.