From our trainer, Kendra, in Houston, who has been training with Wounded Warrior, Angel, and her now SERVICE DOG, “Doc”! THEY PASSED THE PUBLIC ACCESS TEST!!!

Kendra writes:

“At our final session, I met Angel and her now Service Dog, Doc, at the mall for the PAT. We were originally just going to do a training session, but because Doc is so very smart and his mom had already had Doc trained by the time first met them, we only had a few things to work on. We worked a “stay” with Angel walking in circles around Doc and also a stay while Angel went out of Docs sight. After that, we did a walk through just to verify if Doc was indeed ready as I thought he was. He did great! He went through the PAT like it was nothing! We sat at the food court and dropped food directly on the floor right in front of him. We couldn’t help laugh because he really held back! You could tell he really wanted that biscuit but he didn’t get it. When we were ready to move on we did tell him he could have it for doing so awesome! He did meet and greets, we made tons of noise, from ramming a buggy into that metal gate, to dropping my clip board behind him as he was walking. He is a pro! He will serve him Angel well! I am so proud of both of them!”

Doc, Trainer Kendra and Angel