Wounded Warrior Donny and SDiT Max

Laurie had a super session with Wounded Warrior, Donny, and his SDIT, Max!!! Max is the most amazing Sharpei mix you could imagine, initially rescued by Cherry Jenkins of In Dog We Trust. Donny suffers from a TBI and PTSD, but takes Max everywhere with him – they have such a strong bond that if Donny even goes outside for 10 minutes to work, Max will just watch him out the window and whine a little bit until he is reunited with Donny!

Laurie writes:

Our first session was at Donny’s home, and Max was already well-trained by Donny using the training manual. This time, we met at Petsmart in New Braunfels, and went through several different commands. Max was perfect, and Donny was so at ease with him! Max is always watching Donny and they have a beautiful bond. We did several meet and greets with adults and children while Max stayed in a perfect sit, met other dogs with whom Max got along easily, and even tied him to the shopping cart with no problems! Max heels beautifully. He always comes when called. We practiced sit/stays, down/stays, and squeezed all kinds of squeaky toys to see which frequencies really got Max’s head to perk up! It was so much fun! Max was not distracted by anything or anyone around him. Donny has done such a wonderful job training beautiful Max. Max received so many compliments from both staff and customers about how well-behaved he was! Donny always gives him lots of praise and love – and they snuggle up together at home and Max sleeps right next to Donny. Next trip – Walmart at a very busy time!!!!!!