Rhonda and SDiT Tank

Laurie had the most incredible first meeting with new client, Rhonda, and her SDIT, “Tank”. Rhonda and Laurie had tried getting together for a very long time for training, and finally, we had our first session.

Laurie writes:

Rhonda suffers from several medical conditions, including a heart condition with a pacemaker due to cardiomyopathy. She often has pain and some anxiety, but her AMAZING Staffordshire Terrier, Tank, is SO bonded with her, that he responds to her whenever she feels unwell physically or emotionally. When I met Rhonda, it was like meeting someone you have known all your life. She is absolutely beautiful both inside and out. Rhonda has such a passion for animals – especially those in shelters and rescues – and although she cannot work due to her medical condition, she spends all the energy she can helping out dogs and cats in need with local rescues and raising truly amazing children as a single mother. She just has one of those “auras” about her that is filled with light and love.

When I arrived, I was greeted by both Rhonda and Tank. Rhonda and I talked for quite some time, and we went through the basic commands with Tank – she had taught them all to Tank herself!! Tank, with his beautiful bright green eyes and soft coat knew “sit”, “down”, “controlled load and unload”, “heel”, “sit/stay”, “down/stay”, “come” (he will need a bit of work on that as Rhonda has quite a bit of land and when Tank runs, he RUNS!), “watch me”, let me pet him all over, put my hand in his mouth, is wonderful with children, other dogs, their cat, and never met a stranger he didn’t love! But he loves Rhonda so very much. It will only take a couple more sessions before Tank complete his Public Access Test. He already has a beautiful vest, with a pouch indicating all of Rhonda’s medical information clipped to it.

I cannot wait for our next session together, and I know Rhonda and I have already formed a friendship that I hope lasts for a very, very long time!