Active Duty Janice, and her Chihuahua mix, Bruce.

From our trainer, Beverli, who trained with Active Duty Janice, and her Chihuahua mix, “Bruce”. Janice’s son suffers from autism, so training has been focused on training Janice and Bruce first.

Beverli writes:

“Today, we had our training session at Lowe’s. I brought my Service Dog, Luke, and we worked on Bruce’s ability to heel, obey commands, and respond to his handler with another dog nearby. We started with a sit/stay and down/stay off leash, as well as crossing paths with another dog (my Service Dog), and redirected Bruce to ignore him when needed.

Bruce’s confidence seemed to have improved in new situations, and his responses to commands have improved as well. Bruce needs a little more work on his “heel” and with his focus with another dog nearby.

Homework given was to continue working on Bruce’s scent location skills, as well as ignoring the public on walks and in stores. All in all, it was a very productive session!”