Wonderful update from Julianne about “Khan”

A wonderful update from Julianne, whose family adopted “Khan”, (initially named Blanco). Blanco was found as a stray and so many people helped in saving him, getting him veterinary care, and fostering him – and Julianne’s family instantly knew he would be perfect for Julianne, who was at a summer internship at Harvard. Julianne suffers from severe anxiety, an eating disorder, and OCD. Since she has returned from Harvard, after many “Skype” sessions with Khan so he could learn her voice, they have developed a wonderful bond!

Recently, Julianne wrote:

“Hi Laurie! Great news on how Khan’s training is going! I love him SO much! He instantly applies the deep pressure therapy before I sleep, and it helps me get a good night’s rest without nightmares. Last night, he came onto the couch with me and just plopped down right on me! I said, “Khan, you are not a 2 pound baby but u act like it – you are 80 pounds!!

So, I usually go on long walks with him later in the day when it is cool. Sometimes, due to my disabilities, I sort of “space out” during the day. On this particular day, I was spaced out while walking him and I really don’t remember what I do when I’m spaced out – all I know is I was pulled back because a car was coming at us. Khan actually pulled the leash so that I was alerted when the car was coming. He saved my life! I gave him so many treats for his amazing heroic behavior and we went on our way back home.

He is amazing in every way!!!!