Wounded Warrior Rick and SDiT Shogun

From our trainer, Jackie, who is working with Wounded Warrior, Rick, and his SDIT, “Shogun”.

“Rick and Shogun the Mastiff had their first training session today. Veteran Rick has PTSD, Multiple Sclerosis, and Parkinson’s Disease. He is training Shogun to be his PTSD and Mobility Service Dog. Shogun already has a substantial amount of basic training. Today, Shogun began learning “switch” where when walking, he transfers from one side of Rick to the other side during a heel. Normally. a Service Dog would be heeling on one side, generally the left to allow the right hand free for shaking hands, etc. However, with Rick, he has weakness on both sides and it is uncertain which side will be more prone to giving out on any particular day, so Shogun must know how to heel on both sides of Rick’s body. Shogun also practiced loading and unloading via ramp into the truck. He then participated in his second public outing at Cracker Barrel, where he had to remain in a down position despite being nose-to-nose with my Service Dog, Diesel, and despite the busy Sunday crowd, children approaching, and food. Shogun did very well!