Kindle and SDiT Bella

From our trainer, Jackie, who is working with client Kindle and her Service Dog in Training, Bella.

Kindle and Bella the Lab Mix had their first training session today. Bella is training to be Kindle’s Service Dog for anxiety and depression. Bella is newly adopted and still adjusting to her new home. Kindle and Bella worked on heeling with distractions. Bella performed this task very well. They also worked on “leave it”, where Bella is trained to ignore whatever it is that she is interested in or to stop doing whatever she is doing. Bella is very treat motivated, so it took her a brief bit to get the hang of this; however she is also very smart. Bella and Kindle worked on trying to keep Bella’s sit for a longer period of time. Bella and Shogun the Mastiff Service Dog (see the earlier post from today) live in the same home. Bella had to go out in public and sit for dinner with the distraction of her playmate while both dogs were working. Both Bella and Shogun did great!