Wounded Warrior Paul and Bobby

Laurie had her first training session with Wounded Warrior Paul, who suffers from PTSD and other disabilities. Paul had started training his GORGEOUS Standard Poodle, “Bobby”, with a trainer before, but that trainer moved. So, Bobby and Paul have a lot of the basic training skills down pat, and they are a joy to work with.

Paul, unfortunately, was working successfully with Time Warner Cable in a cubicle, but when he mentioned that he would be bringing his Service Dog to work with him once fully trained, Human Resources said that they would NOT make accommodations for his Service Dog!! Paul had many meetings with the supervisors there in Human Resources, patiently explaining his rights and the fact that having Bobby there would not cause any disruptions but would help him during difficult calls from customers – but they denied him over and over! Luckily, Paul taped these conversations and I was able to listen to them. It took everything Paul had to calm his anxiety and PTSD during these sessions – he was practicing deep breathing – and even though everything the HR people were saying was against the law, Paul kept his calm. I was so proud of him – and SO angry with Time Warner! Paul has hired a lawyer to help him sue for discrimination, which is the absolute right thing to do – and I will be happy to help him after hearing the completely uneducated and uninformed way that the HR department treated him and Service Dog rights.

Paul is no longer working for Time Warner because of this, which makes things very difficult for his budget. However, he has a wonderful attitude and a clear, smart head – I hope that he triumphs in this case, and we will continue training “Bobby” – which will undoubtedly be a breeze! They have such an amazing bond!