Evalynn and SDIT Oreo

From our super trainer, Terry, in El Paso, who is working with Evalynn and her SDIT, Chihuahua “Oreo”! Evalynn suffers from severe anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. Terry is GOOD – Chihuahuas are not the easiest breed to train as Service Dogs, but he is doing a wonderful job and we are proud of both him and Evalynn!

Terry writes:

Today, Evalynn, Oreo and I trained at a restaurant in El Paso Texas – the Corner Bakery. Evalynn & Oreo’s first restaurant exposure went quite well! Oreo displayed a little uneasiness when we first arrived at the restaurant; realistically that is normal behavior. First exposures always take some getting used to. I will say that about fifteen minutes upon our sitting down, Oreo was more at ease, and started to sit and lay down while we were eating. There were continuous distractions in the busy restaurant, but Oreo was at ease with the distractions! When Evalynn proceeded to the restroom, Oreo did not whine or pull to accompany her, but Oreo kept an eye out for her until she returned to her seat. One of the major distractions in the restaurant was that there were other dogs in the place; that did not seem to faze Oreo at all! Keep up the good work Evalynn & Oreo!