Wounded Warrior Nathan and SDIT Owen

From our trainer, Beverly, who is working with Wounded Warrior Nathan and his SDIT, Owen!!

“We worked on Owen’s sit/down stay, as he tends to become anxious and want to get up when Nathan is more than 10’ from him. Since we met at the dog park in Selma at Bluebonnet Bunk n Biscuit, and there were dogs present to utilize as teaching tools for Owen to “Leave it” and “Watch” Nathan, it was a very productive session! We also discussed using the Adaptil collar to help calm Owen’s anxiety and working on exposing Owen to short periods of separation from Nathan to reassure him that he is not being abandoned and to start getting him past his separation anxiety. Overall Owen did very well and picked up leave it and to ignore other dogs quickly!

During the week, Nathan will work on sit/down stays with distractions using his wife to assist with the distractions. Lots of rewards will be used and plenty review to help Owen relax. They will continue working on their PAT skills and we will keep reviewing each session until Owen is ready.

We did so much educating and discussing ways to help Owen with his anxiety that I forgot to take pictures!