The Jaynes Family

From our trainer, Candace, in Fort Worth, who is working with the Jaynes family, who have 2 severely autistic twin 8 year old boys and an 11 year-old daughter.

“The Jaynes family is dedicated to training Bear, their SDIT. He is a handsome golden retriever who is just as laid back as laid back can be. Really. He is content to just lay there and hang out with his buddy, Parker. But for this night, the Jaynes’ family mother and daughter have teamed up to work on the basics with sweet Bear Bear. He made some progress since the last time we met, but what I didn’t tell the Jaynes’ family is that we were really working towards increasing Bear’s attention span. And it worked! Together, we got Bear to participate longer in the training and he seemed a little bit more excited about the training process than he was the time before. He is such a sweet boy, we just need to get him a little more motivated to work!