Wounded Warrior Kathryn and her SDIT Abigail

From our trainer Candace, who is working with Wounded Warrior Kathryn, who suffers from PTSD and Adjustment Disorder, and her SDIT, Abigail.

“This session was an assessment/training to see if Australian Shepherd Abigail has what it takes to be a Service Dog. So far, so good! Abigail is slightly skittish when it comes to loud, unexpected noises, but has quick recovery. She needs some basics and advanced work, but it was clear from the beginning the bond between her and her owner, Kathryn, is very strong. I think, with intense training, Kathryn and her SDiT will be an unstoppable team!

Abigail also gets vocal around other dogs. Once we practiced redirection, Kathryn was able to get Abigail under control in under 2 seconds and was able to avoid vocalizations. This points to the need for more socialization for the two. With Kathryn’s anxiety, this will be a great test and trial for the team. I set them up with a basic training regimen, and Kathryn already has a wonderful plan set up for Abigail’s progression into Service work. I look forward to working with them both. They have great potential!”