Amanda and SDIT Diezel

From our trainer, Andrew, who started training with Amanda, who has epilepsy and anxiety, and her SDIT, Diezel.

“This was our initial session and it occurred at Amanda’s house. Amanda’s dog is a lovely, exuberant pitbull named Diezel. Being treat driven, Diezel is easy to train. We worked on basic obedience; “sit”, “down” and “puppy push-ups”. Then we did some heeling maneuvers, heeling left and right, and not pulling on the leash etc. I talked to Amanda about the importance of a prong collar, especially with a dog his size, and I showed her how to properly put the collar on and how to use it safely. Diezel will mainly be correcting himself with the prong collar save the occasional pull upwards correction for misbehaving. I talked a little about the difference between “stay” and “wait”, and we will work on this at the next session. I anticipate a very short trip to the Public Access Test with these two!”