Welcome Ben and his SDiT

Ben and Lucy Bonnie Wild Style

An update from our trainer Candace, in Ft. Worth, who is working with new client, Ben! Ben is an eight year old boy that has been through so much in his young life. As a result, this beautiful young child has autism, PTSD, and anxiety that causes him to get very nervous when in public. His adoring parents write that “Ben is a sweet heart that God made special.” How lucky Ben is to be a part of such a beautiful family!

Candace writes:

“Ben’s mom, Lacey, just adopted this beautiful 6 month old girl to be Ben’s shadow/helper/friend. They are already attached at the haunches! Ben hasn’t decided on a name for this sweet girl just yet, but he is leaning towards Lucy, I think. We shall find out shortly. Everyone give this family a warm welcome as they start their journey on the hard but rewarding road of Service Dog training and ownership!”