Cassie focusing more on Brian

From trainer Beverly, who is working with Wounded Warrior Brian, and his SDIT, Cassie! Brian is currently staying at the Fisher House while he receives medical treatment for PTSD and other issues.

“At this session, we worked on Cassie focusing more on Brian, amid distractions (squirrels, people, cars, etc.) Brian has been working on her with “down” and she is doing well. We did work on “place” to have her sit between his legs facing out whenever he’s sitting down in an area in which he feels anxious. Additionally, we worked on more of “watch me” and teaching her to pay attention to Brian even when she wants to watch the squirrel. I gave Brian some homework for he and his wife to work on with loading and unloading into the car. This is to get Cassie more comfortable with getting into the vehicle. We also discussed (and demonstrated) beginning to work on having her lay under the table when they eat and how to go about practicing in their quarters. We changed to a light weight prong collar for their walks, for now, to maintain the necessary control until Cassie becomes more adept at focusing on Brian.

Next session, we will be adding some relationship games to increase focus and attention on Brian. Otherwise, he says they are bonded and doing well!”

Cassie sits well and remains with Brian. She is very alert, which we will capitalize on to allow Brian to relax and know she will tell him if there is anything he should be aware of.