Vietnam Era Veteran and her SD

From our loving trainer, Brenda, who is working with Denise, who is a Vietnam Era Veteran with PTSD due to MST while on active duty, and her SDIT, Sandy.  She is currently in a wheelchair, and sometimes can walk with a cane.  Brenda writes:

At this session, Denise and Sandy nailed down all the basic commands! Sandy was a bit stubborn with learning “down” at first,  but was doing great by the end. We worked a lot on directions working with the wheelchair –right, left, back up, and turn around, so that Sandy knows where to go or be carefully situation when we go out in public for training.

At our next session, we met near the bus stop and took a bus to HEB. We walked around practicing Sandy’s ability to adjust to heeling in next to the wheelchair in all different directions. I am so impressed with how much Sandy has learned since our last session! Denise has been doing great work with her!  Sandy was very patient while Denise and I browsed around HEB, and caught on quickly not to sniff food or people. We went to Jack In the Box to restaurant train. Once we got Sandy under the table, she stayed under and laid down to take a nap while we ate. Sandy does not ever beg for food. When the bus was too tight of a squeeze for Denise to turn around in with the wheelchair on the way home, we discovered that the perfect way for them to board was Denise going in backward, and Sandy following her onto the bus!