Lynsie and SDiT Casper

From our incredible trainer, Kendra, in Houston, who is training with Lynsie. Lynsie suffers with anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

Kendra writes:

Lynsie renamed Casper, a dog that Kendra had been fostering, to “Bruce”. We met outside of Target to get Bruce introduced to all sorts of distractions.

Both Lynsie and Bruce did very well! We worked on our “downs” and “sits” in the public arena, and also worked on “leave it” as people walked past us.

One couple stopped to talk to us about Bruce because he is a pitbull and gets a lot of attention. We had Bruce remain in a “sit” or “down” while the people were talking to us, which is an important part of the Public Access Test.

Lynsie will continue working on bringing Bruce to public locations (not inside the stores yet), and getting Bruce comfortable with people, noises and going different places until we can train again together.