Veronica and her son’s SDiT Shaggy

From our wonderful trainer, Beverli, who had a session with Veronica, who has a 7 year-old son with autism and is nonverbal. He also has no sense of danger, and on a couple of occasions he has wandered off. Their SDIT is Labrador/Ridgeback mix, “Shaggy”. Beverli writes:

“We had our session today at Walmart, working on fine-tuning all the fundamentals of Shaggy’s public manners and techniques. In addition to usual distractions public places provide, we also introduced grocery store scents and food scents at his level. Shaggy ignored them completely and stayed focused beautifully! He is growing more comfortable in new situations and places, and is able to “settle” much more quickly. Homework given for the next session was having Veronica and her son continue taking Shaggy to new places, and challenging his focus.”