Stunning Stella!

An update from trainer Cherry Jenkins, who is training with Nancy, who suffers with mobility, vertigo, and anxiety, and her husband, Jim, who suffers mobility and anxiety, and their SDIT, Stella!

Stella is absolutely stunning!  Stella is part Rottweiler/ part Wolf, which makes her a truly beautiful dog!

Stella is the SDIT to Nancy and her husband Jim. Even though they have only had a few session due to interruptions with their health, they have made tremendous strides with Stella, training whenever they can. This really showed at our latest session in Target.

Stella ‘heeled’ beautifully at all times and we practiced ‘leave it’, ‘stay’, and ‘down’.  Stella kept perfectly calm even when a group of noisy children walked their way. Stella is also learning to ‘cover’ as one of her three tasks.”

.IMG_20140710_161922_817(1) Nancy