SDiT Osito

I met with Beto today and his very amazing SDiT Beto.  Today we focused on getting his baby’s vest ordered with patches and a few training items from Petsmart.  We got training treats and leash (retractable) and worked on sit/down/stay while at petsmart.    Osito, is used to being off leash and just walking around with dad.  I reminded Beto, that he had to keep him on the leash and work on training him with the Clicker, and both positive and treats.  Beto is also going to work with his wife on treats for medicine reminders.  (thinking a little peanut butter on a spoon – Osito’s favorite).  Beto is also going to start to keep a log to see when Osito begins to lick him, which he will begin checking his sugar levels to find out if he is high or low glucos.  Great idea…..

Thank you Petsmart @ Sunland Park (El Paso) for making sure we didnt need any help and were able to find the training treats ok.  Especially after a female customer tried telling me that blue buffalo was killing dogs, I kindly told her, that I was a service dog trainer, hence my shirt, and as my dog ate blue buffalo (Grain free) that it was fine.  So I appologized to Beto for the interruption, as he was not concerned.